Experience Survival

Unsacrifice is set in an undefined era, in a dark and hostile world mixing different ancient cultures aesthetics. The world is full of mysteries, hidden dangers and deformed creatures the player has to escape from. The unique artstyle is something we put a lot of effort on. We wanted to create beautiful environments that, at the same time, terrifies the player with gore elements placed all over them.

It is this kind of duality we wanted to showcase in our game. There’s always two sides in everything, and the player is in the middle, being forced to decide to be able to go forward.

Concede your humanity, or sacrifice it to survive.


Feel the real fear. Experiment a firsthand horror experience that will make your hir stand on end.

Original art Style

A whole lore build from the ground up that you will want to risk yourself to know more about.


Search, think, wait... What will you sacrifice to survive?

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